Automotive Battery Delivery Shop in Damansara, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia by TBS Car Battery Car Battery Delivery Shop in Damansara, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia by TBS Car Battery

Car battery breakdown service

Car Battery Delivery Shop in Petaling Jaya Selangor

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What Car Battery Brands does TBS Car Battery Shop carry?


What is TBS Car Battery Delivery Coverage area?

Whole of Klang Valley area including Petaling Jaya, Kuala Lumpur and Selangor.

How quickly can TBS come to change my Car Battery?

Our average response time is 35 minutes for Petaling Jaya, Kuala Lumpur & Subang Jaya areas.

Please call or Whatsapp us for the latest info.

What types of Payment does TBS Car Battery Shop accept?

Cash / Credit Card / Touch ‘n Go eWallet / GrabPay / Boost / DuitNow QR / Maybank QRPay / MAE / Shopee Pay / Bank Transfer

Does TBS Car Battery Shop accept Credit Card Payment for outdoor service?

Yes, we accept Credit Card payment for outdoor battery service. Payment is done conveniently via our wireless card terminal after the job is complete.

Does your Batteries come with Warranty?

Yes, all our batteries come with a minimum of 12 Month Warranty for Petrol vehicles. (Does not apply to commercial vehicles)

Ng Poh Lin
Ng Poh Lin
22. August, 2021.
Very fast and responsive. Service was so friendly and efficient. Highly recommended.
Mayghen Selvanayagam
Mayghen Selvanayagam
21. August, 2021.
They send a helper to come fix your car. He was very helpful and fast
Mohd Taufik Mohd Rathi
Mohd Taufik Mohd Rathi
21. August, 2021.
Good service
Hanita Haidar
Hanita Haidar
31. July, 2021.
Very efficient and good service. I had two battery replacements within the same week and both times were prompt. Respond time was also excellent! Thank you.
Esther Lam
Esther Lam
18. July, 2021.
Impressively by TBS services and their delivery the car battery during rainny day , well done!

Car Battery Delivery – TBS car battery delivery✅service in Klang Valley,Petaling Jaya & Selangor (FAST) at cheap price⭐TBS car battery delivery is your one stop car battery specialist shop near you with free Installation. We are also the official distributor for Century battery and Korea No.1 car battery brand – Rocket Battery. All our batteries come with warranty to ensure peace of mind. Century Battery Delivery

Car Breakdown services – Most Common reasons for Car breakdown

What‘d be more infuriating than your vehicle breakdown? How about your motor breaking down that you finding out it was unavoidable?

car battery delivery petaling jaya (PJ)
TBS Car Battery Delivery Shop

It is frustrating but it is true, but if it has occurred to you, it might comfort you to know that you are not alone. Car breakdown services are always ready to help you and how you can avoid them.

Engine Problems

Engine problem is a large category that covers a big range of issues, but usually, engine problem that leads to a breakdown is going to be linked to overheating. Your engine can overheat if there’s an issue with your cooling systems, such as leakage, an issue with the water pump or fans, or a clogged radiator.


Bad Battery

A bad battery is one of the most common reasons for battery breakdown. If you do not take long trips very often, your car battery would not have much of a chance to charge. You can cure this charging it yourself every week or by driving around or either manually. Also, when you’ve your motor serviced, ask the car breakdown service provider to check that links are secure and the terminals of the battery are free from corrosion.

Century-Battery-Marathoner-Car Battery Delivery

Damaged wheels

Sometimes damaged wheels are unavoidable, in the cause of nails or any other debris on the route. Though, simple wheel maintenance can help you to avoid most cases of damage or flat wheels. Be certain to check your wheels regularly form any bumps or lumps or obvious defects and continually check that your wheels are inflated according to the manufacturer’s needs.

Spark Plugs

One of the most vital components of your motor’s ignition system is its spark plugs. They’re what ignite the fuel and start the combustion procedure that gets and keeps your car engine running. One method to avoid a breakdown due to a faulty spark plug: hire a car breakdown services rapidly as recommended by your car’s manufacturer.


Car Battery Price (Updated Latest 2022)

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