Automotive Battery Delivery Shop in Damansara, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia by TBS Car Battery Car Battery Delivery Shop in Damansara, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia by TBS Car Battery

Car battery installation

Car Battery Delivery Shop in Petaling Jaya Selangor

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What Car Battery Brands does TBS Car Battery Shop carry?


What is TBS Car Battery Delivery Coverage area?

Whole of Klang Valley area including Petaling Jaya, Kuala Lumpur and Selangor.

How quickly can TBS come to change my Car Battery?

Our average response time is 35 minutes for Petaling Jaya, Kuala Lumpur & Subang Jaya areas.

Please call or Whatsapp us for the latest info.

What types of Payment does TBS Car Battery Shop accept?

Cash / Credit Card / Touch ‘n Go eWallet / GrabPay / Boost / DuitNow QR / Maybank QRPay / MAE / Shopee Pay / Bank Transfer

Does TBS Car Battery Shop accept Credit Card Payment for outdoor service?

Yes, we accept Credit Card payment for outdoor battery service. Payment is done conveniently via our wireless card terminal after the job is complete.

Does your Batteries come with Warranty?

Yes, all our batteries come with a minimum of 12 Month Warranty for Petrol vehicles. (Does not apply to commercial vehicles)

Ng Poh Lin
Ng Poh Lin
22. August, 2021.
Very fast and responsive. Service was so friendly and efficient. Highly recommended.
Mayghen Selvanayagam
Mayghen Selvanayagam
21. August, 2021.
They send a helper to come fix your car. He was very helpful and fast
Mohd Taufik Mohd Rathi
Mohd Taufik Mohd Rathi
21. August, 2021.
Good service
Hanita Haidar
Hanita Haidar
31. July, 2021.
Very efficient and good service. I had two battery replacements within the same week and both times were prompt. Respond time was also excellent! Thank you.
Esther Lam
Esther Lam
18. July, 2021.
Impressively by TBS services and their delivery the car battery during rainny day , well done!

Car Battery Delivery – TBS car battery delivery✅service in Klang Valley,Petaling Jaya & Selangor (FAST) at cheap price⭐TBS car battery delivery is your one stop car battery specialist shop near you with free Installation. We are also the official distributor for Century battery and Korea No.1 car battery brand – Rocket Battery. All our batteries come with warranty to ensure peace of mind.

Car battery installation Guide

car battery replacement delivery tropicana

Most people can install their batteries. The most difficult step of altering your battery will be lifting it out of the car once you’ve disconnected the battery terminals, firstly because it weights very high. By following these easy steps, you’ll be capable to install your own battery no matter where you’re.


In order to install your battery, you’ll need a battery cleaning solution, a ratchet and socket, anti-corrosion, a wire brush, a combination wrench, a new battery, and a screwdriver.

Car battery installation guide

  1. Turn off your car engine and lift the hood and situate the battery. Take off negative cable first by loosening the linking nut with a wrench. Pull and twist the battery wire off the battery with an upwards way or pry it up with a screwdriver or tool if it’s stuck.
  2. Repeat this similar technique withy positive side cable.
  3. Utilize a ratchet and socket or a combination wrench to eliminate the hold-down clamp on the car battery if one exists.
  4. Eliminate the battery from the tray. Keep in mind, batteries are extremely heavy, so hold onto the below with both hands properly. Set it down on the soil to make sure your safety and the safety of your car.
  5. Utilize a cable brush and water to clean any corrosion from the clamp and the cart battery tray. Clean the battery wire connectors with the brush also, but without the water or any liquid. If the battery connectors have huge corrosion, you might use a special battery cleaning mixture that’s available at auto stores.
  6. Install a new battery in the tray and secure it right with a hold-down clamp. Re-connect and tighten down the positive and then the negative wire. You might select to spray the terminal ends with an optional solution of anti-corrosion, which will prevent all corrosion collection. Check that wire connection is tight because if the wires move at all, the car might not start.

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